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Does anyone know of a known problem mapping a drive with a winxp pro machine to a linux machine running smb when the xp machine is on a domain and
  Feb 03 randhizp
If I want Linux (Redhat 9 or mandrake) and XP, what should I install first?
  Dec 23 satraiwj
When I configure a static I.P 192.168.60.xx, I cannot ping a PC on a 142 subnet. Yet when I use a dynamic I.P(192.168.60.xx through DHCP I can
  Dec 17 pataghkn
this is something that really surprise me I cannot believe how poorly windows XP handles multiple user accounts. I created another user account
  Jan 28 vatsadpz
just have a quick question, recently bought a computer from an estate sale, owner was using subject OS, problem is he has a administrator passw
  Feb 07 prabazla
i've recently built a new computer and moved my master HD(the one with XP pro on it) to the new machine. I've taken everything off to the bare
  Jan 10 pataghkn
I am wanting to upgrade the op sys on my 2 year old 500 mhz. Dell currently running Win98 SE with 384 mgs of RAM. I'm a professional securities
  Nov 04 ikshamqq
Trying to open certain ports to allow external users connect to ports on an internal client computer. For some reason it is not working for me. Th
  Dec 03 randhizp
After a complete HD format, I did a clean install of WinXP Pro. Many "adventures" later, most things are working normally again, but the displa
  Dec 25 shaivydb
I've a problem with my modem, I installed "U.S. Robotics 56K Voice Win 1806" Internal modem, its installed successfully but, after the installatio
  Oct 27 vatsadpz
On bootup It will not recognize the floppy or the CD/DVD drives and then hangs saying that "NTLDR is missing". I cannot get it to boot from the
  Dec 13 tanmayyj
I went to get the xp pro boot disk, but it's 4.4 MB. How would I copy this to a floppy? What good would a cd boot disk do, if you can't access you
  Dec 15 varunldt
if I encrypted a file on my d drive. I then forget to export my private key. I then reformat the c drive and reinstall the OS on the c drive.
  Feb 06 nayakafi
Can somoene tell me how? I can do this a breeze in 98/ME but the so called simpler xp Method I cannot fathom out. I am using A router for the m
  Oct 27 shooryru
I have been going thru' an article on the website : I have tried to do a dual OS install wit
  Jan 28 shauneki
I have a multi-boot: Win98, win2k Pro and Win XP Prp. I tried to install Microsoft's security updates CD (Feb 2004), and encountered the Pirate
  Nov 06 ranhitdu
WinXP pro comes with MSN Messenger by default. Our company does not allow yahoo, msn or windows messengers. is there a way to uninstall or
  Dec 25 acharoty
Windows XP Professional Windows NT 4.0 Selecting more than one NT Domain under XP Pro - Urgent Question Dear All, My clie
  Nov 07 trivibbj
I recently got a hand-me-down laptop computer with Win ME. I upgraded to Win XP Pro and had no problems with the upgrade. I am having probl
  Dec 26 nayakafi
i have winxp pro with sp2 on my system...................this is my stand-alone home pc & im not connected to any network nor do i have any sort o
  Feb 10 nibodjeh
I am trying to connect my Windows XP Pro Desktop to my Windows 2000 Laptop. Both have ethernet ports. I am trying to connect the two by just us
  Dec 27 hasitjho
I have Redhat Linux and Windows XP Pro installed on my laptop system. Because My C partition is filling up and I need more space on it... I
  Nov 20 satraiwj
I have an old company Dell PII Latitude laptop that has Window 2000 on it. I dont have the password to get in and want to use it as backup serv
  Jan 23 manmoirn
we have a user moving around various projects with his laptop. he has windows xp pro with sp2 on this laptop. each of these projects have manua
  Nov 23 shantgdt
Server based profiles. I have 2000 adv server. Installed I want to create a domain, just a fictious one like superhome. Then I would like t
  Nov 06 shantgdt
I have another problem that is really bugging me. What I want to do is set it so any user on the domain can log onto the domain from any XP
  Jan 05 navragop
I have a user who logs onto a domain, when she logs onto the domain she cannot open any outlook custom forms. If she logs onto the machine locally
  Feb 12 ihitaqsq
I have couple of problems . 1) I have 20 comps and I have installed Win Xp pro.. of all machine and all are on Lan ... And I have also setu
  Nov 06 inikayjs
Is there anyway that I can share Outlook with somebody else when we have seperate desktops but the same computer?
  Nov 09 navragop
Just got a new computer and set up two profiles with both having administrative permission. Question: When I install Spybot and AdAware in one
  Feb 18 sanjiytu
Does any one have experience with networking these two? If so any info would be appreciated for example does it work, how well etc. etc..
  Nov 11 pinakgdf
I recently purchased a Toshiba Laptop with WinXPProfessional installed with SP1, etc. According to Windows XP in a Nutshell XP has a dual b
  Dec 27 satraiwj
I'm a windows 98 user who is now going to windows xp to connect my digital camera. Can I use the software that came with the camera or
  Dec 01 shantgdt
Now I have heard everything !!! IBM is pushing Linux. Who would ever believe it? Actually not a bad idea when you think about the built
  Dec 11 acharoty
We are 10 computers with xp pro in a LAN and we connect to internet through a computer that have also xp pro. Now we want to connect more computer
  Dec 05 manmoirn
IE doesn't connect for approx 5 min then a web page shows up and then it is fine. If I use AOL everthing works fine then. Can s
  Dec 28 vatsadpz
Have a couple of boxes with ICS set up (had to import NETBEUI to make XP do it [I think]). Works fine except that the client box, the one not d
  Feb 06 vinatgpm
I have 4 hard drives and 1 CD-ROM but I'm confused how to connect them (master and slave and all that). I await your advice.
  Nov 07 vinamhet
i just restored my computer, and i am trying to connect to the file system from another computer. however i am running into trouble. com
  Nov 16 tanmayyj
I have a user who has Windows XP Pro with SP2 and wants to set up additional partitions using Partition Magic 7. Does anyone know if PM7 works
  Dec 03 varunldt
I am staying with friends who have DSL. I also have my own dial-up account...both through earthlink. I have Ethernet built in and was told to just
  Dec 17 hemavajf
please let me know what you infer from the following observation. 1)when i tried to install fedora core 3 in a intel, p4, 256 ddr ram sy
  Dec 20 shaivydb
Yesterday I was able to successfully install the red hat linux 9 while keeping the properiatary of windows xp media center and windows server 2
  Feb 18 sanjiytu
I have two PCs with its ethernet card. Can I connect those two PC without having a hub?
  Feb 22 sanjiytu
I am trying to figure out how to take a sample XP Pro machine's LGPO settings and duplicate them across several hundred other machines. Is
  Dec 31 inikayjs
How can I prevent that a program that I install on the PC is NOT automatically inserted into the startup of each user, but only the one who is
  Nov 20 trivibbj
Can someone please tell me how I can connect my new Laptop to my desktop (both running XP Pro) so I can move files from one computer to the
  Jan 01 ikshamqq
does any one know how to get windows to let me highlight text with the mouse and then paste it without having to do those awkward crtl. .. sequ
  Nov 15 ramanujq
I set up a small network of 4 computers running WinXP, and tried to connect to each computer from another and it doesn't ask for username or pa
  Jul 01 sanjiytu
I would like to set my home network up so that no matter wich pc I logged in to I would have all my settings. Could the Xp Professional compute
  Dec 18 tanmayyj
I am new to this site, however I have a question to start off with. I recently started upgrading several computers for a local company. The
  Dec 25 varunldt
Can anyone help me? My company used to have WinNT systems that you could log onto locally with username/password, and then upon dialing into th
  Dec 03 hemavajf
Windows XP Professional SP1 IBM T series Notebook Linksys NSLU2 Maxtor USB 2.0 drive (connected to Linksys NSLU) I use my IBM Noteboo
  Dec 17 manmoirn
Is there a way to retrieve a user's password when on a domain? I could reset her password but I really don't want to. I have administrator righ
  Feb 18 sanjiytu
I have a computer which originally used Win 98. The drivers were designed for that system. I now use Win XP Pro, and the sound drivers no lo
  Feb 17 sanjiytu
my parents bought a pc win XP home on it and now they cant see each others computer. My mothers computer is 98 and dads is xp home. Will these
  Jan 09 manmoirn
Has anyone else has this problem, I have just built my machine with windows xp And when I goto to windows update on IE, and do a scan fo
  Jan 31 inikayjs
I have Windows XP Professional and since last some days, it shows a weird problem. Everytime I power on my PC, it gets stuck after the WinXP boot
  Oct 30 narotlhi
I have just bough one new PC with decent configuration. They have not installed the Operating System. I already have bought the Win XP Operating S
  Dec 20 manmoirn
I want to Install win xp on my pc by copying it on my harddisk and then want to play setup program, reason, faster installation, saving time, no n
  Feb 18 sanjiytu
I have 2 PC's Id like to connect to the Internet at the same time (via 1 internet connection). 1 PC is configured and ready to go, both are runnin
  Nov 30 indaleap
My problem is that it's a LInux tool kit for serious Windows errors. It's probably an open source thing. The thing is a friend of mine does the
  Feb 17 sanjiytu
I have a Dell laptop with Ethernet card and internal modem. It is running WIN XP pro and I have just upgraded to SP2. Everything is working fin
  Feb 17 sanjiytu
WINDOWS VS LINUX the song:HERE COME THE HOTSTTEPER. This video was originally shared by tearbd2
Has anyone used the Net Send command in a domain environment? I would like to employ this as a tool to communicate with the users when we have pro
  Nov 17 taniselh
im currently on the windows xp sp2 client w/c is connected to a domainand is working fine( all the applications dpendent on the domain file ser
  Jan 27 lakshknh
I have been using Win 98 and finally got a new computer that has XP Pro on it. I created two different users on the same system. I noticed that
  Nov 02 rasarigj
Im looking to deploy 2000 desktops running Windows XP Pro which are members of a NT4 domain. Im not sure how to best control these from a policy
  Dec 25 inikayjs
I have Windows XP Pro in workgroup not Domain. I use outlook XP and am required to enter my domain username & password. My problem is I have to
  Dec 28 narotlhi
I'm using Windows XP Prof. in my office. We have Windows 2000 Servers, a DNS Server, DHCP Server is also there. After I have entered the username
  Dec 05 vinatgpm
I am wondering if someone can help me with the following problem. I have a laptop that is part of a network domain. I changed the settings
  Nov 25 mahanjsl
Actually i am running a LAN of about 50 users, on Win 2K server and Win 2K professional in Client Server environment. i have a Active directory
  Dec 13 satraiwj
i have two domain one name in my company and the other name london.msft in my college when i go to the company i change the colle
  Feb 22 sanjiytu
Quick demonstration on how to run Microsoft Windows XP on Linux Ubuntu Edgy Eft 6.1.0 using Virtualbox. For further information please refer to www.v
   Mar 16 admin
I have a question, I have a domain with a windows 2000 DC. when ever an XP computer's user's password expires and he/she has to change it at th
  Oct 31 viduskao
I got a little problem with WinXP-Pro and WinME, we network togather, like peer-to-peer network and we did internet sharing on Cable Internet,
  Dec 21 acharoty
I have win98 on my computer. I also want to install my brand new winXP version. But I want to keep win98 because I have some software programs
  Dec 19 randhizp
I know I am going to get well slated for this, but does anyone else agree that Win ME is much quicker in all aspects than XP? I have installed
  Oct 31 vihaaggs
I have Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 1. Since the last two days, I see a peculiar problem. Whenever I power on the PC, it gets stuck u
  Feb 08 vatsadpz
XP is freezing in the most strange way. It happens when I'm about to use the keyboard to add or edit text in either Outlook, renaming files or (mo
  Feb 15 viduskao
I'm trying to install WindowsXP Professional I have Win98 installed on the C drive and i want to install XP on the D drive but i got thi
  Jan 03 lakshmvj
I need to recreate the layout.ini file in C:\Windows\Prefetch Would someone please copy and paste the content of that file to this site?
  Dec 27 turagcwc
I Got win2k Server with win xp proff as client, it is able to join domain and able to access resources fine, but when i add my isp gateway ip and
  Nov 29 tarakshy
I have a problem in installing winXp Professional.My system req:Celeron 667 MHz,10 GB HDD,Award BIOS,2 Drives C and D,CD-ROM and CDwriter.Last
  Dec 25 vinatgpm
Hey I have a question, I got a different computer in networking class today, and I can get the Fortres Password, but i don't know how to bring up
  Oct 31 taniselh
I am having problems installing Xp and I think a big reason is because I dont have smartdrive loaded. I really dont know why this program has s
  Feb 01 ranhitdu
I have a client using winXP on a laptop. She has a older PC with win98SE that she uses as a Print Server. She has two printers attached to the
  Jan 15 hasitjho
I'm running WinXp on one of my machines, and just finished fixing bad sectors on the harddrive and part of the control panel options were locat
  Dec 26 vedantwf
I am attempting to log-in to my VPN with WindowsXP Home and keep getting "Error 619" Connection to Remote Computer could not be established....
  Jan 20 inikayjs
I have installed various java tools and lately I install personal oracle 8.1.7 edition on my XP and now when I logon it always shows an error like
  Nov 26 narotlhi
i just upgarded my OS from win98 to winxp pro. then my auto update tells me that i can update, download and install winxp SP2 but afetr downloa
  Jan 20 pataghkn
Experienced Mac user and new to Windows XP Professional (though have read some books on it) -- Using a laptop Dell Latitude X1 (just 2 lbs!) wi
  Jan 31 shauneki
I just want to ask if a Windows XpPro OS can be a TERMINAL SERVER.? pls.. help me currently im studying MCSE for WINXP.
  Jan 24 prabazla
I still use a modem 56k..on win98.. I have winxp on another pc.. The broadband prices are high ...
  Feb 17 sanjiytu
I have a IBM Netvista PC with WinXP installed on it.When I turn off the computer and turn it on again it is unable to boot the operating sys.Ju
  Feb 18 sanjiytu
I have an Compaq Presario 2500 notebook with XP Pro running. Some time ago I lost the ability to either Standby or Hibernate. I have checked bo
  Feb 18 sanjiytu
I have the following drives C Local D Zip drive E CD-RW H network drive K DVD Drive (I ganged the drive letter) When I plug in
  Feb 18 sanjiytu
Is it possible to make my new XP Pro system log on to my existing NT 4.0 Server domain? If not, what do I have to do to XP to allow the other u
  Jan 11 shooryru
Some of the computers in my company Window XP home, we recently bought a Microsoft SBS 2003 and want to setup a domain and also want to central
  Feb 18 sanjiytu
Joining Client pc to Domain Windows Server 2003 This video was originally shared by petercrys
This is a video on how to promote your Windows Server 2008 to a domain controller. A domain controller contains a single sign on for all Windows mach
I am having a problem that maybe someone can help me with. I am trying to create a dual boot with Win2000 and WinXp...The problem is when I sta
  Nov 07 vihaaggs
I have tried using netmeeting WinXP with Win98 & failed. The XP pc keeps on saying that the 98 pc doesn't have the necessary software support.
  Jan 28 ekantgyp
I've seen windows XP folders full of images that use the first image in the folder as the background for the folder! Not the icon, or the thumb
  Jan 27 viduskao
I already install win xp prof edition, but why when i try to booting error messages appear " no system file", can i use program ?
  Dec 13 hasitjho
Does anyone know if there is a way to tell Windows XP to treat Canon thumbnail .htm files as .jpg files, because they really are .jpg files, an
  Feb 01 sharddjk
i'm eugene and i'm quite new in this group. anyway i have a problem with my programs in my administrative tools. when i click on any administra
  Nov 10 randhizp
My first question to you is: what OS are you upgrading from? Now on to my response....ENJOY (LOL): Upgrading an OEM Windows
  Nov 22 inikayjs
Someone know where there is something about to set promiscuous mode on WinXP ?
  Jan 19 mahanjsl
suggestions? things like registry troubles, msconfig, etc. What books are good, and why. Some I looked at in bookstore had just enough informat
  Nov 13 indaleap
Have been on the list a while. Haven't seen anyone mention this so it might just be me. After installing WinXP SP2, I have had a strange th
  Nov 21 nibodjeh
I was given a DVD R/RW (CD R/RW) as a gift. It came with Nero. The Nero Software seems to work fine except in the DVD-RW and the CD-RW. The WinXP
  Feb 07 acharoty
how do change registry in winxp?
  Feb 17 sanjiytu
I'm running with AMD 3200+, K8N4-E Delux, 120 SATA (Primary - OS) + 20GB IDE, 512 DDR RAM When ever I start my computer, Win XP runs CHKDSK
  Jul 01 sanjiytu
I was wondering if there is anyone that might be able to offer me any advice on dual booting Windows XP on one drive and Debian (Linux) on the
  Jan 27 lakshmvj
I would like to install Windows XP Professional in a different root directory C:\WinXP instead of C:\windows. During the installation, it did n
  Feb 15 indaleap
In WinXP, we can rearrange all icons in Quick Launch by drag and drop. XP would remeber the sequence and when we reboot, all icons would appear
  Nov 30 sharddjk
I have a problem with my scanner. I connected it to my computer via USB before I installed the driver. I recovered later that I shouldn't do i
  Feb 07 indaleap
I'm having an issue were when I boot up my machine WinXP hangs with the message "Preparing Network Connections", it eventually starts up after
  Feb 17 sanjiytu
I am having there user accounts in my system one admin and the rest limited user accounts. It was working fine but recently I am getting this p
  Jul 01 sanjiytu
I'm lurking in this group hoping to find out if it's worth the upgrade. I don't have anything too crazy in my system--(generic CD-ROM, TNT2 Ultra
  Jan 10 randhizp
And I have a question hopefully you guys can help out with, I have had XP Pro on a family computer for some time, Since my parents are not comp
  Jan 15 manmoirn
What is the difference in XP Pro and XP Home?
  Jan 03 tarakshy
I have a computer with XP Home on it which is refusing to recognize some of my USB devices (I've tried everything - last night I removed ALL USB d
  Feb 17 sanjiytu
I needed a lil help on something. is it possible for me to network a windows 2k pro with my windows xp pro with a straight-through cat5 cable o
  Nov 12 tushaprj
This tutorial will show you how to join a computer running Windows Vista Business, Enterprise or Ultimate to a domain with a server running Windows S
Let me explain from the beginning. I turned on and boot to XP, and after login to XP blue screen came up while loading the xp desktops....I did
  Dec 26 tribateh
How do i show my lan address or ip address in winxp?
  Feb 04 tribateh
Going to need some very real & specific help. I installed WinXP Pro upgrade onto a PC and after the install the WinXP pro PC loses site of
  Jan 15 ekantkto
can anyone tell me how should i connect my home machine to my office machine so that i can view and work from home Do i need to install Network
  Jul 01 sanjiytu
I just completed a totally clean installation of WinXP Pro, and the only additional software installed at this time is Zone Alarm Pro. When
  Jan 13 satraiwj
I need some help with my XP pro machine rebooting every day or so. Scenario. I have 3 XP pro machines set-up as a local lan. One of these m
  Dec 29 nibodjeh
I have a quick question regarding ZAP 2.6. I installed it on my fiancé's XP Pro box this morning but the ZAP taskbar icon isn't showing up. I did
  Dec 15 acharoty
Anyone have any idea why Help and support has stopped working?. I had a look in services and the service is not running although its set to aut
  Dec 24 viduskao
I installed XP Pro on ym desktop. As an admin you got to stay ahead of the pack that are you users you support (and rank hath privilige). Howev
  Jan 12 tarakshy
Can one use older pre .net ASP on XP? and if so, how do i set it up?
  Jan 09 nibodjeh
I have at last gone over to XP Pro (Actually I am still running ME on another partition) I definitely like XP but a few odd occurences lead me
  Nov 20 lakshknh
Could someone give me advice about two problems I have with XP Pro. Most sites that use Flash work fine on my computer but certain sites do
  Nov 13 lakshknh
Does anybody know if MS Access 97 will run under Windows XP PRO?
  Oct 27 saurapjs
I have a simple peer to peer network with a LINKSYS wireless router with 2 W2K boxes and 1 XP Pro laptop. The 2 W2K machines can access each ot
  Feb 15 nayakafi
I am trying to network XP PRO to Win98SE. I installed a LINKSYS router by connecting the PC's to the router and the router to the cable mod
  Jan 03 lakshknh
I have problems installing xp pro on a win 98se machine. I choose upgrade and the installation starts. Everything works fine till the restart o
  Jan 17 ikshamqq
I've had the same problem happen with two different systems and wonder if anyone has heard anything about it. On both systems, with WinXP P
  Jan 04 vinatgpm
for those of you who were wondering about the importance of sp1 I am forwarding you the September 26 issue of the Scot's news letter which will
  Oct 25 tribateh
A few weeks ago I moved my whole Eudora Pro 5.1.1 directory over to my new DELL 8200 with XP PRO. It was under Win98. All had been fine for a whil
  Jan 19 manmoirn
Is there some secret to sharing devices with XP Pro? I have several computers running XP Pro now and for some reason I can share the devices (p
  Dec 26 prabazla
Is there such a thing as a floppy bootdisk for XP pro, if so how can I obtain one, now - please.
  Dec 15 shooryru
I have PC with XP pro installed, but when i want to search for a file, search program on windows doesnot work. I have clicked many times but it
  Dec 14 tanmayyj
I have a problem with installing xp pro. I have puchased a new computer in parts from (ASUS P4PE motherboard, 2 WD 80GB HD, ATI 750
  Oct 26 acharoty
I have XP-Pro with Office XP Standard. Does anyone know IF and WHERE I can get Frontpage(just Frontpage) to work with my system? Please help!
  Dec 22 acharoty
Were can I download a copy of Win XP Pro bootable
  Feb 05 ekantgyp
After doing a install of XP Pro (build 2600) I am having some errors in the Event viewer. It refers me to setuperr.log, here is the error conta
  Nov 19 lakshmvj
I upgraded from Windows Me and the printer just does not work at all. It was fine on Me, but now nothing happens when I trie to print from any app
  Dec 20 tribateh
Anyone know how to install WinXP Pro w/unattend.txt so that ONLY the networking components you desire are maintained ? Ex: We are on a Nove
  Nov 19 vinatgpm
I noticed that Microsoft included a Network Firewall in XP Pro. Before I even consider implementing it I want to get feedback from all you guy
  Jan 14 sharddjk
We've been using 98SE, but my daughter is building herself a new computer, and REALLY wants to switch to XP Pro. We have 4 computers: m
  Dec 06 mahanjsl
I right click on a folder, click on Sharing/Security....nothing happens...I RT click on drive, click Sharing/Security and a window opens...why
  Nov 22 saurapjs
I have recieved the first XP Pro unit my company has issued. I volunteered due to a particular project which was to show that XP can support a
  Feb 04 tarakshy
We've been using 98SE, but my daughter is building herself a new computer, and REALLY wants to switch to XP Pro. We have 4 computers: my de
  Nov 30 pinakgdf
I am getting more frustrated with XO Pro by the minute after being quite able to troubleshoot most things in 95 and 98. I have decided to give
  Nov 19 hemavajf
IE will not accept cookies anymore.. I have put my security setting to receve all cookies but no dice... Can anyone help?
  Jan 31 shantgdt
I bought a previously owned computer on Ebay and I am upgrading it. The previous owner had configured it as a server and left the Win2000 Pro O
  Jan 29 randhizp
My McAfee states that my explorer.dll and iexplorer.dll are both infected. I spent an hour finding about 20 variant spybot worms and deleted th
  Dec 09 ramanujq
is there more then one ver. of XP Home? and Is there more then one ver of XP Pro? like there ver A, B C of win95 or win98, win98
  Dec 06 taniselh
I have a problem with XP Pro &/or IE^. When I attempt to access >Tools >Internet Options I receive the message "This operation has been cancell
  Dec 08 varunldt
When I attempt to access >Tools >Internet Options I receive the message "This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this
  Jan 19 sharddjk
I've tried switching on the encryption facility which comes in XP Professional. It functions OK except that when I've backed up the encryption
  Jan 22 nibodjeh
I am about to embark on the slippery project of reformatting my C drive and re-loading Windows XP Professional. (This old computer is missing s
  Nov 14 vibalylm
I am thinking of upgrading to Windows XP Pro from Windows ME and to Office ZP Pro from Office 2000 Pro. There are some websites selling OEM XP
  Nov 18 akaramef
I was considering buying the XP Pro "academic" upgrade. Several auction sites sell them around $100. Although I'm not a college student, I'm am
  Jan 20 turagcwc
To the list: I have had XP Pro installed for about 3 months now and in that time have had to take my tower back to my tech. to have the har
  Jan 25 ranhitdu
I have had XP Pro installed for about 3 months now and in that time have had to take my tower back to my tech. to have the hard drive reformatted
  Feb 14 vedantwf
I am running XP pro on a configuration that I have been using for over a year with no hardware changes. I ran into this same problem last year
  Jan 21 ranhitdu
Does anyone know what the ratio is in corporate for users using: XP Pro, Win 95, Win 98, Win NT 3.51, Win NT 4.0, Win 2000 Pro?
  Feb 14 satraiwj
I have a system in which I have 3 options for booting to Windows XP. One I know is a version that works because I was the one to load it with m
  Dec 18 shauneki
Is there a 64-bit version of XP or XP-Pro available yet?
  Nov 04 rasarigj
I added a second computer, and need to get a legal copy of XP. I always used XP Pro, but are now wondering, if XP Home will do? I h
  Dec 23 varunldt
Can anyone tell me if there is a way to uninstall XP Pro on an NTFS ? The only way I can see to accomplish this is to run FDISK from a boot dis
  Jan 21 shooryru
Hello I just bought a toshiba laptop with xp home and tried to upgrade to xp pro. After upgrade the dvd and sound would not work. Does anyone h
  Nov 14 indaleap
i have just tried to install news bin pro on my windows exp pro and when it asks for my server i put in is that right does any o
  Dec 25 ekantkto
I have the IIS and Perl installed on a OS XP Pro. I am having problems logging into this it will ask for user name and password.
  Jan 30 saurapjs
Why go around the hard way ...if you want XP Pro then go for it. Find out what XP home doesn't have compared to XP Pro. If you already have
  Dec 14 prabazla
just brought home my brand new, P4, XP Pro system. Setup my admin account, and my 3 boys account. Right off the bat!... 1) "swit
  Feb 15 shantgdt
Anyone know if you can define a port range for the firewall exceptions?
  Nov 03 navragop
Microsoft indicated that it would be 4 - 6 weeks before the CD would be mailed. I received mine today. It is XPSPE.EXE - 266MB. The CD also has
  Dec 20 satraiwj
I can get to my mail page, then no further. Always "cannot find server". Even reformatted drive, reloaded xp, same result. Anyone expierencing
  Dec 18 tarakshy
I got an OEM XP PRO with my computer, the copy is burnt. Q1 is is this definitely illegal as it seems, Q2 can I update SP1 and SP2? Someone sai
  Feb 08 vedantwf
All of my desktops have Windows XP Professional installed... This Xmas, my spouse is purchasing me a new laptop that comes with Windows XP Home
  Nov 10 pinakgdf
Are there any advantages in upgrading to Zone Alarm Pro, and will it interfere w/ AVG anti virus or any other programs/
  Jan 01 inikayjs
I want all users on a network to use Winword installed on one computer. Since I cannot map a drive letter to the local drive of the said co
  Dec 25 akaramef
can anyonez help out as how can i hide my files to be viewed by other user in the same system...... at my home my brother uses my system so we
  Dec 04 indaleap
I had 2 partion on my computer removed on I would like to know how to resize c diver to use the whole drive ?
  Nov 22 navragop
I know with ME, I could find Scandisk under Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools... but with XP pro it's not listed there. I also know it's cal
  Dec 14 vatsadpz
I never had to do anything, just fired the PC up and there it was all ready... Now, since I put Norton Ghost v9 on it says it will not work
  Nov 28 vedantwf
I have a Go-Video 5940 combination DVD/VCR recorder and recorded a show from my DVD that I had saves from cable. It is recorded on a DVD+R
  Dec 15 navragop
Can XP Home edition be upgraded to Pro without any hassles?
  Dec 25 viduskao
How do i move the page file to the secound harddrive? Go to Start >> Control Panel >> System >> Advanced tab >> Performance Settings >> Ad
  Nov 25 viduskao
1) Is there a way to put programs DLL's in the program files rather then in Windows/system and windows/system32? 2) How do i move the page
  Dec 28 acharoty
All of a sudden I'm getting this error when I run some of my older programs; 16 bit Windows Subsystem c:\windows\system32\autoexec.n
  Dec 04 shaivydb
I was needing to know hot to uninstall windows xp pr full version, or a link to go to that tells you how.
  Dec 22 vihaaggs
On one of my stand-alone machines I'd like to set up XP Pro with no password required at all. Is that possible?
  Dec 02 nayakafi
my xp pro is not starts in safe mode all right... but in normal mode it just shows the windows logo and then the screen goes blan
  Dec 01 ranakiml
I've been using this "product" as it were called Tech Tools Pro. It's written in "Linux" and it works "outside" of any Windows product! It's
  Feb 17 sanjiytu
I did a booboo and I need a fix. Short story New laptop with XP Home I upgraded to XP Pro during installation I accidentl
  Feb 17 sanjiytu
How can I change the limit of 10 connections/sessions in Windows XP Pro. I have one XP Pro as server and now 11 PCS. I changed
  Feb 17 sanjiytu
Might have a very sassy question here. Um, a friend of mine wants me to upgrade his Windows 2000 to XP. He's asking if there's any difference b
  Feb 17 sanjiytu
I am trying to install Windows XP using the unattended features. I understand the answer file requirements etc.. Now, what I don't understa
  Feb 18 sanjiytu
I am a newbie on this site, altho I have had a computer for many years. I have a problem that I hope can be solved here. I am running Microsoft
  Feb 18 sanjiytu
I have a windows 2003 server and I have an IIS FTP server running on it. When I turn on the built-in Windows Firewall, I can't seem to reach my FT
  Feb 18 sanjiytu
On my new Toshiba laptop I installed a second XP pro but, in my haste, I installed it on a partition that I was using to install programs. Now
  Feb 22 sanjiytu
I just bought a used computer with windows xp on it and I don't have the past word what do I do?
  Feb 22 sanjiytu
I don't know much about windows 2000 professional. I tried to install XP Professional over the top of 2000 pro. It worked but now when I try to
  Nov 07 indaleap
XP Pro Corporate Edition is installed. I believe it was a pirated copy, however, the person who owns the computer didn't know this. On my advic
  Nov 05 lakshmvj
Can I install XP over 2K without losing all my data on my "C" drive? I have a 40Gb drive with 10Gb being used. Tried to setup LAN between my 2K
  Feb 14 ekantgyp
I recently bought a dual processor (dual 450 celeron) pc on ebay, and am planning on putting xp professional on it. I know that dual processor
  Feb 12 narotlhi
Is anyone having any problems running the P2P client "iMesh" under Windows XP Professional ?
  Oct 28 vinatgpm
Just did a full install on each of my machines, to put Windows XP Pro on them. I'm having trouble opening ports so that I can pass traffic from a
  Jan 05 shauneki
Has anyone upgraded from XP Home to Professional? I bought a laptop last year with Home, but my Law School requires Professional. Also,
  Dec 01 tanmayyj
Follow these instructions: 0. Run a system restore to create a new checkpoint in case you need it. (This has been tested pretty well it see
  Dec 27 shooryru
Will Q&A 4.0 DOS run under Windows XP Professional? If so can I just copy my Q&A directory to my new machine and run QA.EXE like I did to i
  Feb 03 pinakgdf
I've been trying to network 2 pc's, ones on xp pro and the other on win me, I don't want internet sharing, just to be able to share files.
  Nov 02 saurapjs
I'm trying to copy EVERYTHING to do with OE 6 from win me to win xp pro. But I'm getting a bit lost, on both os's, the files are in differe
  Jan 23 tarakshy
Can the group the best utility to schedule XP Pro to shut-down and restart automatically? We have a power cut here every day for 2 hours, and I
  Jan 24 ihitaqsq
I have XP pro installed on a 4.5G partition (C:) on a 9G drive. The remaining is my D drive. I've added an 18G drive and would like to move
  Dec 29 ekantkto
I have an AMD Athlon 800mhz system with 4 IDE devices. The Imation Superdisk LS-120 is the primary device on the secondary IDE controller. I
  Jan 15 varunldt
How does one use Network Neighborhood in WinXP Prof? In Win98, When I click on Network Neighborhood, I see all desktops in my company netwo
  Feb 03 trivibbj
is windows xp pro better than home because i have a new up to date computer and i was wondering if it is worth switching now to pro from home o
  Feb 06 mahanjsl
i have xp pro which i purchased for an older computer, and now just got a new laptop that came with xp home installed. i'd like to swap and put
  Dec 10 tushaprj
I got a toshiba laptop recently that has XPHome on it. i'd like to run a local webserver and can't run iiS on Home ed. should i use XP
  Dec 13 sharddjk
I went from Windows 98 and I am very happy :) with XP...
  Feb 07 tribateh
I'm trying to run a login script for users. The users have XP Pro (users configured as "Power User") and connect to an NT4 server. A user o
  Dec 22 akaramef
This is the first time I post here and please note that english is my second language at best so please forgive any typos and bad spelling..
  Nov 15 varunldt
I have 2 users set up - one Admin and one limited. When either account logs off with the other still logged in, the welcome screen does NOT appear
  Nov 30 ranakiml
I have had XP Pro for over a year now, I still don't know what all is the difference between regular Xp and this Pro, I only got the Pro cause
  Dec 30 shaivydb
I got a new computer and I installed Windows XP Professional, but I'm having a problem at almost every shutdown/reboot; I get a blue screen with t
  Nov 22 ekantkto
It's quite possible that defragging uses up a little bit of a drive's life, but against that, if you defrag really regularly, there's not that
  Jan 22 tribateh
System: Hp T150 Pentium 4 2.8GHZ 512 MB RAM 160GB internal HD I purchased a 80gb harddisk yesterday and wiped the 160GB disk.
  Nov 09 shauneki
Anyone had any problems with their Norton antivirus not working after upgrading to XP pro. Since upgrading from Me I cannot get it to work. I'v
  Jan 19 ramanujq
I use the Classic interface on my Windows XP Pro too, the Luna interface is so baby-ish looking and such a resource/memory hog. So with only 256
  Oct 29 turagcwc
I'm running a Pentium 3 600 Mhz, 256 MB RAM system on Windows 98. I want to upgrade to XP Pro. 2 issues - first, will the speed of my machine b
  Dec 02 sharddjk
have three machine running home I want to convert them to PRO WITHOUT screwing up all of the users settings.... any help or ideas as to how I g
  Dec 01 lakshmvj
When I reboot my computer I have no problem , but when I click shut dow it just keeps rebooting . Can any one help with this problem.
  Nov 03 pataghkn
Here is a start up list for my Windows XP Pro i wonder WHICH Of these items could be safely deleted without causing problems to my System Start Up
  Nov 05 satyammc
Need help with the IIS for XP Pro. I have it installed just need to get it up and running and my web site running.
  Jan 24 trivibbj
I have some games like Hexen2 and Doom and Heretic that run in opengl. The problem is that all these were made when 3dfx ruled the world. I have a
  Jan 26 viduskao
Is there a way to resize large size .JPG photos within Windows XP Pro without usung an image editing program? If so can someone please expl
  Dec 31 pataghkn
This one has got me stumped. After you do a clean install and boot the machine the icons/shortcuts on the desktop appear instantaneously. After
  Dec 15 nayakafi
ls sygate a good firewall for xp pro and what's the best cleaning system for xp pro , as in history/cache/tracks and the rest of it.
  Nov 09 vatsadpz
My (new) XP-Pro machine has an 80GB drive, dedicated to C: as an NTFS volume. I'd like to split this into a relatively small C: (so it's quick
  Nov 01 nayakafi
Someone please help.... When installing Windows XP Pro on an Athlon 1200 system, with 512 meg of ram, the system fails to install the operation
  Dec 21 varunldt
I keep getting e-mailing from Microsoft about updating my Pro system to SP2. I've seen more cons than pros to installing it here on the yahoogr
  Jan 15 ramanujq
I have a Pentium 4 desktop computer running XP Pro SP2, and when I try to add a printer nothing happens! I click on the ADD PRINTER icon and
  Nov 22 tanmayyj
Anyone using the new Zone Alarm Pro with built-in anti virus? Any issues/problems/caveats?
  Nov 09 harshoac
I have pre installed xp home on my system, i was trying to create partitions on my hdd with a XP pro installation cd. Unfortunately i insta
  Dec 29 vinatgpm
Can anyone tell me what this means please NTDLR (this is I believe file system, may have got letters wrong way round) can't boot up
  Nov 24 vibalylm
When I boot up, my computer stops at the welcome window until I click on my user icon. Then it continues on to the desktop. I would like it to
  Dec 14 pinakgdf
Running NTFS XP PRO.............. I Have a piece of software entitled MKW act Shn Decoder which Compresses music files (it doesn't have an
  Feb 03 tribateh
I have a toshiba laptop preinstalled with XP Home. I want to learn .NET and cannot place IIS in XP Home. I also have some proprietary t
  Dec 27 ranhitdu
Has anyone noticed a problem working with images of xp pro and having to reactivate them? I am in an enterprise environment where we have stand
  Dec 08 tribateh
I'm experimenting a problem while Installing XP in my new computer. I have an ASUS A8V Deluxe with a Serial ATA HDD but while trying to instal
  Feb 17 sanjiytu
need some help or a big degausser tool now. Recently i tried to put the new norton antivirus into my laptop running on xp pro. All I
  Feb 17 sanjiytu
I got very satisfactory answer from my last msg. but, now I'm facing a new problem, My windows firewall turned OFF and its not turning ON back, I
  Feb 17 sanjiytu
I have a client who has a problem. If you see below you will see a letter from this client to me regarding said oddity. It is regarding a track
  Feb 17 sanjiytu
My wife has a Gateway laptop that came with XP Home. She needs XP Pro so she can network it at work. So the question is..... is there a way
  Feb 17 sanjiytu
Hoe do I change my Win XP Pro to the enterprise version?
  Feb 18 sanjiytu
Currently using lotus Smartsuite 9.6. Things are fine if logged in as the primary user / administrator and all files run well. I havent investi
  Dec 26 prabazla
I am getting random hard drive corruption errors. I have changed the hard drive, ram, ide cable and formatted and still getting the same proble
  Nov 24 ranakiml
I was using XP Pro's Recovery Console through the Installation Disk to start my computer and to copy a file (Windows\system32 \config\system) t
  Jan 10 vihaaggs
I recently upgraded to xp pro and sometime in the last month or so I've lost the ability to download from websites using IE 6.0. The download d
  Dec 06 satyammc
I have three questions that I know I should know the answer to but would appreciate it if somebody would give me the answer. I just spent fifteen
  Jan 25 navragop
New machine with XP Pro. Worked fine for a week, no problems. Now after several reboots, no desktop icons at all, no start, no taskbar a
  Nov 15 shantgdt
Has anyone upgraded from XP Home to XP Pro and if so did you have any problems. Also is there an upgrade or do you install the full Pro version?
  Nov 04 satyammc
I want to place a 802.11b wireless network card in my XP Pro and set it up so that anyone who connects to the wireless card must go through a M
  Nov 27 turagcwc
The CD-ROM on my Compaq Presario upgraded to WIN XO Pro is not working. I need to upgrade the drivers but don't know where to look. I have been al
  Jan 07 ranakiml
When I insert a blank CD (or a CD with pictures, or a music CD, or whatever) into my CDRW drive, I get the pop up box asking what I would like to
  Nov 04 mahanjsl
Welcome to the Windows XP Professional, Home Edition 6in1 Super CD (SP1 Integrated, English Version) This is a multi-bootable Windows XP SP
  Feb 05 turagcwc
Hi when i try to run the Norton System Works Norton Disk Doctor diagnose program the program is interupted with a message that states ---------
  Jan 10 ranhitdu
I've noticed a strange problem, is that I can't share any of my folders as well as not being able to show its properties when right clicking an
  Jan 11 satraiwj
Any advice on best deal of XP pro laptop/notebook is greatly appreciated.
  Jan 18 viduskao
I am ashamed of the last technician who installed XP pro on my system. He was, to put it bluntly, a pirate. He installed the software, left and
  Oct 29 mahanjsl
I have all the updates and when I goto shutdown windows automatically restarts. I do click the shutdown button.
  Oct 25 tushaprj
Due to a crash ,I had to reinstall Windows XP Pro Now I cant see my old files but as a new administrator , I can only access old files with low
  Jan 03 tribateh
With a workgroup configuration consisting of the administrator and two limited user accounts, can the e-mail traffic in the user accounts be vi
  Feb 14 nibodjeh
I have a new Dell that came with XP Home. I upgraded to XP Pro using the upgrade CD, legit (purchased in Sept). All works okay, though not
  Feb 10 vedantwf
Have a question regarding media player 9.0 on Win XP Pro. Now I am trying to copy songs from several CD's to create a compellation for play
  Nov 03 tanmayyj
How can I set it up so that a regular user can install software on their XP Pro machine. Everywhere I've looked people say to put them into the
  Feb 15 turagcwc
this is one of my last resort for answers post. My XP PRO keeps hitting the the fan on me and I end up reinstalling. This isn't just on one sys
  Nov 06 tribateh
I purchased the software for Win XP Pro and still have package and product key but have lost the disk. Is there way to get a replacement disk w
  Dec 13 vibalylm
I was wondering if anyone knows how to prevent XP Pro from irritatingly modifying the date of files merely due to having only USED--rather than
  Dec 04 navragop
I have a question about setting up a network using Win XP Pro SP-1. Here are the components of my network: Dell PC (running XP SP1)
  Dec 21 ranakiml
In Windows98, I organized the start menu by creating my own folders and dragging in shortcuts and even other folders. I got there by right-clic
  Nov 19 acharoty
In my workgroup configuration of Pro, I have an administrative account and two limited (no administrative capabilities)accounts. After changing
  Oct 25 vihaaggs
A few months ago I upgraded to winXP from 98 on a Compaq Evo 300. It has a 1.1Ghz Celeron Processor and 384 MB of PC133. Before the upgrade I adde
  Nov 09 vibalylm
I am the Technology Coordinator for a small school. We have six PCs in one classroom, all identical...all with Win XP Pro. One is cully USB fri
  Dec 28 sharddjk
Would any of you have any idea why my machine has problems with the True Vector service? I'm almost sure that's the culprit because in the even
  Dec 01 ihitaqsq
This is about to drive me crazy,can't seem to get xp to install on this board at all,98 se will install and run but not xp,also have a gigabyte
  Jan 02 manmoirn
I've been reading the post and it seems like soo many people have some sort of problem with win xp. I have had win98 for many years and never h
  Oct 30 tribateh
I have just received a new IBM P4 3.0 PC with XP PRO preinstalled. I have checked the control panel / system / general tap and it is showing
  Nov 14 viduskao
I use AOL with XP Pro. When I go to look at items on ebay I often, if not always get a popup message that says An error has occurred in the script
  Dec 31 lakshknh
can we use export/import the registers to restore the registers to the previous point ,say we had a bad version of spyware and messed up our re
  Dec 10 turagcwc
Im trying to get email running after a complete re-install of XP Pro SP3 and using Outlook 2000 SP2. I can get email to work...but........
  Dec 12 shaivydb
I loaded Windows XP Pro on an older machine I had lying around. I had to call M$ to activate because I had loaded this CD on a laptop, but have
  Jan 16 turagcwc
I'm wondering if anyone has a fix/comment for these recent events that started occurring afer upgradrading to SP2. Several things are occur
  Nov 09 navragop
I know this is going to sound like a convoluted story but the facts are true. I have been helping a neighbor with his computer. I charge him o
  Feb 03 tanmayyj
On one PC XP PRO SP2, after click on an email with attachment of known sender, PC hung with hourglass. Other than that only ONE window can be open
  Oct 28 hasitjho
Can I set Permission or Password for File or Folder in Microsoft Windows XP Professional to prevent use of my Personal or Important Files from
  Dec 11 satyammc
a laptop configured for another domain was bought into our office and as per norms i removed it from the domain & joined it our domain & also chan
  Nov 29 vedantwf
What is the defrences in Windows XP home and Windows XP Pro? Please be specific and not just say networking. That leaves it pritty bold.
  Jan 30 narotlhi
I want to eliminate my fax machine and use the features in xp pro. I have DSL and 1 single line into the house. My fax machine now recognizes t
  Dec 06 rasarigj
Can I really run xp pro on mine puter. It's a Michada with an Intel mobo with a pem2 @350mhz 512 cache and 100mhz bus speed, 64mb ram. I'm run
  Dec 09 inikayjs
I have a Dell Dimension 4600 that has a 40GB HD with 2 X 128 SD and 2 open slots. I put in a brand new 160GB HD and filled the 2 open with 256
  Feb 08 rasarigj
just to make sure I don't mess up somehow I wouls like feedback on how to install it. My basic question is... Is it OK to just load it into
  Nov 07 rasarigj
For best performance it is recomended that you uninstall all major software(those are meant for running in background and create services and
  Feb 18 sanjiytu
I have a question re using XP Pro remote. I am using a new Dell Laptop as the Host, and my desktop as the remote, all within my home connected
  Feb 18 sanjiytu
I have looked at the built-in Backup program in XP Pro. It seems easy but my end result is that I want to have the machine remind me of backups, c
  Feb 22 sanjiytu
Can Anyone tell me wich XP is better for games (Pro or Home)?.
  Feb 11 hemavajf
How can I take a screenshot with Windows XP Pro? Also, where is Clipboard in XP? I have the Pro version.
  Jan 22 ekantgyp
Can I install a clean XP install with and upgrade version of XP Pro? Or do I have to upgrade from 98 or whatever?
  Dec 07 randhizp
Ever since I upgraded my CPU and had to make a clean reinstall of XP pro I have a problem with media reproduction (which I didn't have before).
  Jan 31 ekantgyp
I just got a new machine and I cannot get the cordless mouse set to only one click, I cannot find the option. I have been to control panel/mous
  Nov 28 vinamhet
Is it possible or is there anything special that needs to be done to install Windows XP on a 160GB drive?
  Nov 19 shauneki
Developed "strange " Windows XP Pro (SP1+) video (display) issue a few weeks back whereas any type of "dialog" or "property box" has tabs missing
  Nov 14 pinakgdf
When I upgraded to Win XP Pro I kept Win 98se, setting up a dualboot system to accomodate some programs and hardware that were not supported in
  Feb 03 narotlhi
Im having a problem installing Win XP Pro on an 80GB Serial ATA Hard Disk. Can someone help me? I will really appreciate the help you could giv
  Feb 12 varunldt
I have been able to successfully upgrade to professional from home version, and everything seems to be running fine. However, while doing so I
  Nov 14 taniselh
My hard disk died, and I installed XP Pro/SP2 on my new one instead of the Hewlett-Packard provided XP Home (and the hundreds of megabytes of t
  Dec 28 ranhitdu
I have an HP notebook computer that came with WIN XP Pro with SP1 already installed. The original Operating System CD that came with it is stil
  Oct 27 tushaprj
I have had problems setting up a network using wireless usb network adapters. I have both installed correctly and have used the "set up a wirel
  Feb 13 ikshamqq
At a loss as to why my installation for Ben Q 1300 (cheap camera) won't Auto run. section not found" messge is displayed. I have tried to c
  Jan 26 varunldt
I'm not technically savvy, so can someone answer what may be a dumb question about upgrading? I shortly plan to replace my current old hard
  Dec 21 vihaaggs
our network consists of a win2k advanced server with all workstations having win2k pro. we recently added 8 win xp pro machines to our domain.
  Dec 23 viduskao
My XP Pro indicates that other my main user name does not have IE privilages to things like changing Home pages. I have signed on as admin, but
  Feb 17 sanjiytu
I use a software for Trading the financial markets. I am on a Cable connection. The software is downloaded to my computer. When I place or cha
  Feb 18 sanjiytu
I have a licensed copy of XP Pro I got while in School. I have never used it, but I am starting my MCAD/MCSD certifications so I have to have X
  Feb 18 sanjiytu
In this video I demonstrate the ability of the HTC Touch Pro 2 to boot into either Windows Mobile, or Android OS. Check out this post in one of NRGZ2
All of sudden my XP Pro got very slow without installing any new software or changing any system settings! When I realized that the system
  Nov 09 mahanjsl
man that looks awesome i need to get that oh does it take up that much space?
  Feb 06 vatsadpz
In Xp Home edition of Pro., I want to disable scandisk which automatically begins when wrong shut downs done. At second I want to clean the
  Nov 05 lakshmvj
I did reinstall but with saving old data.The registry is wiped and win xp is reinstalled (didn't wait to lose data,good and point to reinstall)
  Feb 18 sanjiytu
Subject: WinFax 10 Pro does not work with my new Best Data fax modem The problem is that the modem hangs when it answers a non-fax caller who
  Feb 18 sanjiytu
The problem is that the modem hangs when it answers a non-fax caller who then hangs up. It does not close. The old-fashioned fax program supplied
  Feb 18 sanjiytu