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I can't seem to find anywhere, the answer to why I am unable to get my Civil War game going on my new computer that is running XP professional. My old Windows 98 computer ran this game fine. The message I get when I try to proceed with installation is: "The procedure entry point UnMapLS could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL 32.dll." I would really appreciate it if any one could throw me a bone here and help this poor soul. Thanks a bunch for looking.

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Sounds to me like you are screwed. A kernel error is never a good thing. Your error sounds like the game want to use a procedure in the kernel called UnMapLS that doesn't exist in the new kernel. You could try modifying the settings for the exe file. Right click on a shortcut to the game, go to properties, compatibility tab. Try messing around with the settings here, especially the compatibility mode option. Try selecting win98. I really doubt that it will work. I had a program that wouldn't run on win2k and above. I ended up dual booting the machine win98 and win2k. If you really want to, you could do that. You would boot into 98 when you want to play that game.

By shaivbjf on Nov 03 pic Try to browse to the drive where the cd of the game is and click on the installer (setup.exe)

By varalhiq on Nov 03

as an alternative to dual-booting, you could download (free trial) Microsoft's Virtual PC, which lets you install other OSes inside of XP and run them discretely. The trial is 45 days. I did this in order to run 98 under XP and 98 installed and ran fine. The cost for the prog is modest, too, if the game is part of your life; something like $145 or so, as I recall.

By rasarcue on Nov 03
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