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I have stability problems with my desktop computer and xp. Motherbord is MSI. Several times a week the computer stops and a blue screen appears (yes, a blue screen!?) The message is most of the time a problem with usbport.sys, but sometimes nv4.dll or win32k.sys. Sometimes it happens 4 times in 5 minutes and than not for a week or so. I suppose it's a hardwareproblem, but who can tell me what it can be and what I can do about it?

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It is most likely to be a hardware problem. If you have added any new hardware recently, take it out and uninstall the drivers. This should isolate the problem.

By acyutwcd on Jan 22

usbport.sys, but sometimes nv4.dll or win32k.sys looks like hardware stuff, feels lie hardware stuff and most definitely smells like it. remove your usb connected peripherials and see wether it happens again. good old parallel wil never be grieved completely

By ipsitmun on Jan 22
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